Junior Volunteer Position Description

Volunteer Services Department
Junior Volunteer Position Description

Position Title:    NHRMC Junior Volunteer   

Department:   Volunteer Services Department

Responsible to:   Volunteer Coordinator, Volunteer Services Department, & other NHRMC staff members 

Effective dates:  05/08  Revised dates:  11/09, 9/11, 8/13, 4/14, 8/14, 1/15


All duties outlined within this document should be performed according to established policies and procedures of the New Hanover Regional Medical Center & the Volunteer Services Department.  All Junior Volunteers will be required to attend a three hour orientation classroom session. Topics will include an overview of the NHRMC mission and vision, Standard Excellence Training, AIDET, Emergency Codes/Management, Fire Safety, Personal Safety, HIPAA Confidentiality, Infection Control/Standard Precautions, Service Excellence Training, Wheelchair Training and other Policy & Procedures related to NHRMC & the Volunteer Services Department.  Staff members from various departments may be directly responsible for the junior volunteers in their assigned placement areas. Additional assignments will require orientation to that division, unit based training, and a position description will need to be reviewed and signed and placed in the application e-files.


  1. Greet and assist by walking or via wheelchair any visitors, customers and patients in a courteous, respectful and professional manner throughout the facility as needed by utilizing the NHRMC Standards of Performance Service of Excellence  & AIDET (Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, and Explain & Thank You scripts).
  2. Answer the telephone promptly, utilizing AIDET, proper telephone etiquette and positive communication skills.
  3. Maintain patient confidentiality according to HIPAA, Corporate Compliance & other Hospital Policy & Procedures.
  4. Provide accurate information to customers, visitors and patients, utilizing the appropriate resources to the best of your ability or walk them to the Main Information/Reception desks areas for additional information.
  5. Assist with performing delegated clerical activities, data entry, and office work, and special projects as requested.
  6. Assist with transporting patients via wheelchair or walk with visitors to the appropriate area(s).
  7. Assist with transporting patients to the appropriate areas of the medical center. Do not transport obese patients. Weight limit should not exceed 250 lbs.
  8. Offer to assist the patient with meals by opening containers, placing meal or drinks close by to reach, filling pitcher with ice water.  (Never feed the patient.)- Always check with Clinical Nursing staff prior to visiting patients.
  9. Visit and provide social stimulation to the patient. Offer to read,  talk, play games, create crafts, write letters, offer to water flowers, or rearrangeflorist items or greeting cards in the rooms.
  10. Promptly communicate with the patient and family members during discharges about the location of the discharge hallway, type of vehicles, and etc. Be able to provide accurate information as needed or refer them to the main reception/Information desk areas for additional information.
  11. Perform errands as assigned. Additional department or unit specific training and position description forms may be required.


1. Must have the ability to interact positively with team members and customers of the hospital.
2. Must be able to move throughout the facility, be physically flexible.
3. Must be able to listen and follow detailed and diverse instructions.
4. Must possess visual acuity and be able to hear at a normal level.
5. Juniors are NOT assigned to high-risk areas and activities (Emergency rooms, Intensive Care Units, and etc.)
6. Juniors may NOT transport specimens from the Zimmer Cancer Center’s Lab. No Zimmer Lab Errands! No Exceptions! Juniors are not to enter isolation rooms; provide assistance to patients with oxygen tanks, work with patients who are potentially violent or combative or patients currently in isolation rooms –one exception you can only enter an isolation room if the patient is ready to be discharged. Locate the Personal Protective Equipment and wear latex gloves. – Only if you are not allergic to latex.
7.  Juniors are required to utilize the Volgistics VIC Net Self-Scheduling system once they have completed thier training sessions. Scedules must be flexible to accommodate the hospital and division needs and requests. The Volunteer Services department can not always accommodate last minute schedule requests.  
8. Junior volunteers serve all age specific populations including interacting with the hospital staff, Physicians, Patients, family members and the general public.


The Junior Volunteer provides only non-clinical assistance in both clinical and non-clinical areas.


  1. May provide general office duties such as answering the telephone, copying information and collating packets.
  2. Runs errands as directed to other hospital departments to obtain supplies and/or deliver information.
  3. May transport or walk with patients and visitors from the department(s) to other areas of the hospital as directed.
  4. May assist with outpatient discharges.


  1. Performs any other duties as requested. - Additional training required. You are not allowed to perform any volunteer tasks or  duties that you have not been trained to perform. – No exceptions.


Service requires walking, standing and sitting.  Ability to lift 10 pounds to shoulder height, push patients in wheelchairs – No oxygen tanks- Must be able to read and speak English in simple, understandable terms and have an intact sense of sight and hearing.  One must be able to be mobile within New Hanover Regional Medical Center and other offsite locations.


  1. Must be 14 years old and completed the 8th grade. – No exceptions
  2. Must complete the general orientation session and interviews with the Volunteer Coordinator.
  3. Participate in two or more specific training session provided by each specific department and/or other trained volunteer or staff members.
  4. Must be able to follow directions as given and be able to work within the parameters set by staff members and volunteers.
  5. Must know when to notify appropriate staff person.
  6. Must be dependable, punctual, and able to interact with others in a professional manner.
  7. Must be able to communicate and interact with people of all ages, nationalities and educational levels who may also be under extreme stress.


Demonstrates knowledge of the principles of growth and development and possesses the ability to respond to age specific issues and data reflective of the patient’s status.  Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care for the following age groups:
*N/A   Neonate   Infant   Child   Adolescent   Adult   Older Adult- Age Specific Guidelines are located in the application forms.


Volunteers have limited access to protected patient health information (PHI) to the information reasonably necessary to do their volunteer tasks/duties. (I.e. Reception/main desk volunteers).  

Volunteers share information only on a need to know basis.  Access to verbal, written and electronic PHI for assignments have been determined based on level and volunteer responsibility within the organization. 


Telephone, copiers, computers, wheelchairs, carts, etc.


NHRMC Director, Volunteer Services, Volunteer Coordinator, Volunteer Services Support Staff and other hospital staff members as assigned.

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of volunteer service(s) being performed by those assigned to the description.  They are not to be construed as an all-inclusive list of all duties, skills, and responsibilities of those assigned.

Hours of Operation:

The hours of operations vary for each division and to meet the best outcomes for each division places teen volunteer. Individual assigments & schedules are discussed at the initial and post interview appointments and after 2 training sessions.

~Special note that the vol time/hour restrictions for 14 & 15 year olds: teens cannot vol/work more than 3 hours per day, 18 hours per week or past 7 PM when school is in session. During school breaks restrictions are not more than 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week.

There are no hour restrictions under the FLSA for 16 & 17 year olds.

All teens are required to coordinate thier 1st & 2nd training sessions w. the volunteer Coordinator after all program requiremeents have been completed. Once trainined and the unit traiing checklist forms are completed and returned, all  volunteers will begin to utilize the Volgistics VIC NET scheduling system. A link and password will be sent out on individual basis once the 2nd day training has been completed and the assignment area is confirmed.

Schedules must be approved prior to reporting to volunteer. Teens are not allowed to volunteer more than 8 hrs per day or exceed 40 hours per week during school breaks or summer months. Schedules consist of 3-4 hours per shift and the commitment of volunteering for six months and 50 hours per fiscal year and  at least one- two Saturday’s per month.


I have read and understand the outline of duties and know what is required of me to participate in the NHRMC Junior Volunteer Program(s). Additional unit specific training and position description forms will be required from the volunteer prior to a new placement area or training.

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